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Deadjournal codes [11:30am 02/16/2010]

I have 35 20 DEADJOURNAL codes to give away.

Leave a comment with your email address below if you want one.

x-posted everywhere

PS: Be courteous; refrain from making multiple code claims. Remember that the account created with the code given to you will generate another code within a week anyway ;-).
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[11:51am 07/05/2009]

 Hey, I'm looking for an invite code to Demonoid, one for me and one for my boyfriend, so if anyone has one or 2 extra codes hanging around I would LOVE them. Thanks so much! <3.

[04:12pm 06/18/2009]

I have several old Deadjournals from back when I was in high school - I ran a community that created and gave out DJs for free. I feel bad that they've been sitting around all this time.

Comment if you're interested, and I'll compile a list of what I have.
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[01:24pm 01/08/2009]

[ mood | blah ]

I have multiple invites for LostJournal, DeadJournal, and Inksome. Comment with your email and which site you would like and I'll send the email out asap. =]


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[09:51pm 12/31/2008]
i have quite a few deadjournal codes to give away.
comment with an email address and i will be glad to send you one!

please use the code right away, because if it is unused i might accidentally send it to someone else.

it would also be nice if you actually use the journal you create, but whatever.

it's not necessary to ask for more than one code or for a code for a friend because within a week of creating a journal, you will be able to generate three free codes for yourself :]

Inksome codes [08:05pm 11/08/2008]

I have an unlimited number of inksome codes. If you would like one, please leave your email and I'll send one along as soon as I can. Comments are screened, so I'll be the only one seeing it.

(Mostly posting this because I've noticed quite a few people moving over there since LJ changed the profiles.)
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9 LostJournal invites [05:51am 06/13/2008]

[ mood | awake ]

I have 9 LoJo Invites

Never had a LoJo

One LoJo invite per email address.

You have one week to use the code.

Comments are screened so need to worry about the entire internet knowing your email. =]

x-posted to several communities


Inksome Invites [07:21pm 06/02/2008]

I have Inksome  invites to giveaway.

JournalFen [11:09pm 05/19/2008]

[ mood | lazy ]

For those that are 18+ and interested JournalFen has turned on account creation.


DJ and LoJo invites [05:07am 01/05/2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]


All LoJo codes are gone.

I still have DJ and LoJo I'm looking to get rid of. So if you or anyone you know are looking for an alternative journal site aside from LJ or IJ will then I'm your man or rather woman. ^_^

So tell all your friends so I can get rid of them. I feel bad for unintentionally hoarding so many invites. =[

I have 0 LoJo and 50 DJ invite codes.

One LoJo invite per email address.
Two DJ invites per email address.

Comment with an active email and I'll send an invite your way.

Comments are screen so no worry of spam

I will send all codes from my email address, moonduchess at gmail.com Hopefully I don't get filtered into your bulk/spam folder.
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[03:28am 07/09/2007]

[ mood | content ]

I must sound like a broken record. XD

But yeah I still have LostJournal invite codes to give away.

How to get yourself a lovely invite.

  • A current, working, email address

  • Never been a lostjournal user

  • Using the invite code

If your expecting a code but don't think it got sent check your spam box. 9 out of 10 times that's where it probably is. ^^;
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10 DJ invite and 9 Journals [04:09pm 06/27/2007]

[ mood | bored ]

I got 10 invite codes and 9 journals for Deadjournal to hand out. Supply me an email address, which journal you want and there'll be one in your box no later than Friday with the invite code or password.

[info]cazzondria Taken



[info]xsddsomex Taken


[info]beansandrice Taken



[info]lullofthemoon Taken

Comments are screen so don't worry about anyone spamming your email.

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LostJournal Codes [07:55pm 06/04/2007]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I still have codes left for those who don't have journals. You know the routine...

  • Provide a valid working email

  • Be an unregistered user

  • Using the invite.

Comments are screened so no need to worry about botters.
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Codes Galore! [08:24pm 05/10/2007]

[ mood | hungry ]

I have plenty of LoJo codes that need good homes.

The ways to get yourself a code.

  • Have a valid working email address

  • Not previously had a LoJo

  • Using your code is a must.

Comments are screened so no need to worry about the spammer people getting your email address. (:

61 deadjournal codes [06:42pm 02/09/2007]

I haven't been around lately but I have accumulated 61 deadjournal codes. I probably have more but those are the ones that I have for now. So leave an email address and I'll send one your way. Comments are screened so you don't have to worry about your email.

Deadjournal [06:36pm 01/15/2007]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Am looking for a Deadjournal code. Can offer a gmail invite, journal icon/banner design and similar.


Secret Free Invite Link - nutang.com [02:26pm 10/18/2006]
[ mood | accomplished ]

For those of you not familiar with NuTang, it's just a free weblog community/service like LJ. However, it has many more features, such as its revenue-sharing program (where members make money just for maintaining an active account). (Check out this blog - http://thezebra.nutang.com .. she's already made ~$55.)

Anyway, the service is on an invite-basis only. However, you can now get free invites through this secret link:
Once that page loads, click "Join!" on the top of the page. I believe there will only ba limited number of free invite codes given out through this link.

I'm a real big fan of NuTang and have been promoting for a long time. You get unlimited entries, unlimited photos, 100% customizability, forums, and so forth. Plus, it has a very tightly-knit community feel.


DJ + LoJo codes! [09:39pm 08/07/2006]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I got tons of Deadjournal code and three Lostjournal codes. Comment with a working email address if you want one.

Vox for JournalFen [12:02pm 08/05/2006]

I just got a Vox account and I have a Vox invite available, I was wondering if anyone would trade me a journalfen invite for it? Thanks!

Eight DJ Codes [06:51pm 08/01/2006]

[ mood | Wiped Out ]

I have 8765 4 deadjournal codes to give away. Comment with a working email address.

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